Applying for Grants from Non-Profit Organizations in the US Virgin Islands: A Comprehensive Guide

The United States government has an official website that belongs to an official government organization. This page provides information that state, local, tribal, and territorial governments should know before applying for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding. The Mitigation Action Portfolio (MAP) outlines the types of eligible projects and serves as case studies on innovative mitigation at a variety of project scales. A presidential declaration of serious disaster allows HMGP funding to be available if requested by a governor or a tribal executive in eligible communities in a state, tribe, or territory.

The amount of funding is based on the estimated total federal assistance, subject to a sliding scale formula. Eligible federally recognized states, territories and tribes can submit applications on behalf of subapplicants for HMGP funding through the National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS), the grant management system for requesting and managing grants. Homeowners, commercial operators, and nonprofit organizations cannot apply directly to FEMA, but they can be included in a subrequest filed by a qualifying subapplicant. For more information, contact your local government or state to apply for HMGP funding. Following a dangerous event, states, local governments, and federally recognized tribes and territories must conduct a joint preliminary assessment of the affected area with FEMA. This helps determine if a major disaster declaration is warranted and the amount and type of federal assistance needed.

The Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) also helps identify potential mitigation opportunities for FEMA funding. If the severity of the damage warrants a declaration of a major disaster, individual assistance (IA), public assistance (PA) and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program may be eligible for funding. Applicants typically determine mitigation priorities, which are generally aligned with HMGP's visions and objectives. Contacting the state hazard mitigation officer (SHMO) or an equivalent representative of the respective tribal government (federally recognized) or territory can be useful in choosing which hazards pose the greatest threat and determining the best mitigation strategy. Based on these broad mitigation strategies, subapplicants weigh the public interest and, at the same time, focus on specific mitigation projects that benefit their communities. The costs of managing the HMGP are calculated as a percentage of the federal funding provided.

There is no additional requirement for participation in administration costs. When starting a funded project, remember the execution period, which is the time when the grant activities must be completed. Pre-award costs are costs incurred after the HMA application period has opened, but before the date of the federal award or final approval. For the HMGP, the opening of the application period is the date on which the HMGP is authorized, which is generally the date of the Presidential Disaster Declaration. Pre-award costs are costs directly related to the development of the HMGP grant application or subrequest.

Applicants and sub-applicants who are not awarded prizes or sub-prizes will not be reimbursed for the corresponding expenses prior to the award. Management costs are any indirect costs and administrative expenses that a recipient or sub-recipient reasonably incurs when managing an award or subaward. Management costs are only awarded in conjunction with project or planning grants and subgrants. For more information on management costs of HMGP, see Parts VIII, A and 5 of the Fiscal Year 2015 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guide. Homeowners can learn more about implementing post-disaster projects that reduce future damage to their homes from Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Homeowners Guide. Applicants can also apply indirect costs negotiated by the federal government that exceed federal action limits as described in Section IV.

Native American tribal organizations are eligible to apply for grants from non-profit organizations in US Virgin Islands. It's important to remember that pre-award costs can be incurred at any time before an award is made and there is no starting date on which they can be incurred. Additionally, applicants should be aware that there is no additional requirement for participation in administration costs when applying for grants from non-profit organizations in US Virgin Islands. For more information on applying for grants from non-profit organizations in US Virgin Islands, contact your local government or state to apply for HMGP funding. Additionally, applicants should consult Parts VIII, A and 5 of Fiscal Year 2015 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guide as well as The Addendum to Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guide for further guidance.

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