Volunteer in the US Virgin Islands and Make a Difference

Do you want to make a difference and support a cause that matters to you? Volunteering for a project or a consultation call is a great way to give back. With more than 150 different types of projects, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the US Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands National Park (VINP) covers more than 60% of the island of St. John, the smallest in the United States.

St. John is one of the least commercial of all the Caribbean islands and is home to a vast and diverse ecology, with more than 800 species of plants, 144 species of birds and interesting creatures such as crabs, mongooses and hermits. The tropical forests are surrounded by white sand beaches and coral reefs full of colorful fish and exotic flora. We'll camp in beautiful Cinnamon Bay, on the north side of the VINP. Cinnamon Bay is four miles from the Cruz Bay ferry terminal and our tents will be just a short walk from the sand of Cinnamon Bay, with its crystal clear turquoise waters and one of the longest white beaches in VINP.

Our service projects can include maintaining trails, clearing vegetation, gardening, developing walking and walking trails, or discovering historic ruins of sugar plantations and mills. We will work on projects for four days and at the end of each workday, we'll have time to enjoy the area around Cinnamon Bay. On Wednesday and Saturday we will have free time to explore and visit the island's beaches, and have lunch or dinner at a local café. Closed-toed shoes and work gloves are needed for our service work. Light long sleeves, long pants and a hat are recommended.

Leaders will make every reasonable effort to meet the goals described in the itinerary but please note that weather or other conditions beyond our control may cause us to modify the itinerary to ensure the safety and well-being of the group. Get ready to be flexible!Flights from the United States will go to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas departs every hour from Red Hook and is also available twice a day from the ferry dock in Charlotte Amalie. Most participants will want to get to St.

Thomas at least one day early and spends the night in Charlotte Amalie, St. The leader will provide more information about ferries and accommodation options in St. Thomas to the participants before the trip. Do not arrange non-refundable trips until you are notified by the person responsible for the tip.

Participants are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to cover this adventure. We will use the 12 Eureka Copper Canyon tents provided by the park service. The tents are placed on raised wooden platforms and are covered by a 20 x 16 foot shade canvas. The tents have vertical walls, six screened windows and a 12 x 14 foot floor. Each store has three cribs. We will work as a team to prepare our meals in the camp kitchen, which has a two-burner stove and a refrigerator.

Participants will also work together to clean up after meals. Our first meal will be dinner on the first day and our last meal will be breakfast on the day of departure. Leaders will buy and transport food from St. Fresh fruits, vegetables and fish may or may not be available for purchase in St. John, which makes it difficult for people who follow a restricted diet (vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher) to adapt.

We will enjoy our last night meal at a local restaurant in Cruz Bay. The cost of food is included in the price of the trip. We want to celebrate our work, our achievements and our contribution to the island. Working in St John will allow us to see the benefits of an island that is a national park in more than 60%. We'll also get a closer look at the devastation that two huge hurricanes in one season can cause on a tropical island like St. We'll be working in the national park to help restore miles of trails, beaches, and historic sites.

John is threatened by lionfish invaders, and we'll be keeping an eye out for this predatory fish during our snorkeling expeditions. Depending on availability of speakers, we can learn about local environmental groups that are working to eradicate lionfish and analyze how hurricanes have affected their work or we can learn about flora and fauna of area. Sierra Club National Outings is an equal opportunity provider and where appropriate will operate with permits obtained from U. S. UU. Do you want to be first to know about new trips and exclusive offers? Whether you live on St Croix or if you are visitor whether you want help animals save reefs or lend hand children island there is organization community that can benefit from your help. The Virgin Islands Community Foundation was created serve both donors nonprofit organizations Virgin Islands who want ensure highest quality life present future generations CFVI partners with Catchafire connect nonprofit organizations Virgin Islands access network skills-based volunteers help them carry out projects they need most. As part this program you have opportunity to volunteer your time for meaningful causes that make an impact on your community while gaining valuable experience that can help you grow professionally. You can choose from various volunteer opportunities such as helping out with conservation efforts at VINP or assisting with local community projects like building homes for those affected by natural disasters or helping out with educational programs for children. You can also join forces with other volunteers from around the world who share your passion for making a difference by participating in international volunteer programs such as Global Volunteers or Habitat for Humanity International. No matter what type of volunteer opportunity you choose, you can be sure that your efforts will make an impact on your community while giving you an unforgettable experience.

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