Uncovering the Resources Available to Non-Profit Organizations in the US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands offer a plethora of resources to members of non-profit organizations. The process of setting up a non-profit organization and becoming a tax-exempt entity is relatively straightforward. In most states, the incorporation process is done through the office of the Secretary of State, while tax exemption is granted by the IRS. For more information, readers can refer to our “How to Start a Nonprofit Organization” pages (links above and to the right).

Local child care regulatory offices can provide information on programs that comply with licensing regulations, basic facts about child care in the area, and resources for parents seeking child care in the US Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands also reimburses child care providers for healthy meals and snacks, and provides information on criminal background check requirements in the area. Child care providers can also receive ratings when they meet quality standards, which can help families choose quality care and help child care providers improve and communicate their quality. The US Virgin Islands Department of Health provides resources that will provide more information about local services, such as health care and child welfare. It also offers information on car seat regulations and inspection services, as well as assistance programs for food or diapers.

The Child Care Fund Program provides financial assistance for child care, while the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program provides complementary foods, health care referrals, and nutrition information to low-income women who are pregnant or have children from birth to five years of age. The Temporary Assistance for Families in Need (TANF) program provides cash assistance designed to help low-income families achieve self-sufficiency. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps low-income households meet their immediate energy needs at home. The Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers at Risk of Developmental Delays provides valuable resources for parents of children with special needs. It is important to understand the requirements for becoming a child care provider in your area, as well as any quality improvement programs offered by your state.

Your local CCR&R agency can help you find options close to your home or work. The Nature Conservancy has been restoring coral reefs, protecting beaches and safeguarding wildlife in the US Virgin Islands for more than 40 years. Its Virgin Islands Coral Innovation Center is home to a state-of-the-art coral laboratory and a terrestrial nursery (due to open in spring 2020). After hurricanes Irma and María, The Nature Conservancy mobilized a recovery team to help nature heal. For the first time in the Virgin Islands, The Nature Conservancy and its partner SECORE International successfully conducted a coral spawning expedition to raise healthy baby corals. The Nature Conservancy works to ensure that future generations inherit the wonders of the US Virgin Islands. The Performance Partnership Branch of the SAMHSA Substance Abuse Treatment Center (CSAT), in collaboration with the State Programs Division of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), manages the SABG.

The SAMHSA requires that beneficiaries spend no less than 20% of their SABG allocation on primary substance abuse prevention strategies. These strategies are aimed at people not identified as needing treatment. State mental health authorities and individual state agencies can submit requests through the WebBGA electronic application system. The SAMHSA blog is dedicated to leading public health and service delivery initiatives that promote mental health, prevent substance abuse and provide treatment and support to promote recovery while ensuring equitable access and better outcomes. To truly evaluate a non-profit organization, all you have to do is target those who receive its benefits. Its statutes are a set of rules adopted by your organization to regulate its affairs and the behavior of its members.

Separating your organization from the rest is an important part of establishing yourself in your community. This organization has an impact on the future success of young people in school and in life by helping them and their families to develop an interest in reading.

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